Recipe for Eternal Life. Texts from „Love One Another” magazine


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"When I took the sample," states Prof. Maria Sobaniec-Łotowska, "I had no idea what this substance was. I obtained a small amount of it. It was brown in color and adhered closely to the preserved fragment of the Blessed Host.”

It turned out that the mysterious substance into which the fragment of the Host had changed was muscle tissue of a human heart experiencing the agony of death—as if on the point of cardiac arrest.

On November 4, 2009, Profs. Sulkowski and Sobaniec-Łotowska published a statement in which they once again certified the results: of their studies conducted on the sample taken from the transformed Host.

The transformation of the consecrated Host into the muscle of a human heart in its death agony is a sign calling us all to repentance. It is a reminder to all of us that every Holy Mass is a re-presentation (making present) of the passion, death and resurrection of Christ. (from the article Sokółka - Poland's Lanciano by Fr. M. Piotrowski TChr, "Love One Another" magazine, 23/2012)



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