Important articles that help to understand why it is crucial to stand for life

Abortion's Ethics. An Appeal to Reason

Defenders of the right to abortion often criticize pro-lifers for trying to impose their religious beliefs on others. While religion does provide cogent arguments in this debate it's far from the whole story, as a recent book establishes.

Papal prayer for life

He has written a prayer for the Church in China in its search for union and communion, he has written one for the Catholics of Ireland on their journey of penitence and renewal in the wake of the sex abuse scandal. Now he has also written one for all nascent human life read for the first time during a global vigil Saturday evening. Below we publish a draft Vatican Radio translation from the Italian original of Pope Benedict XVI’s Prayer for Life:


Many Thousands March for Life in US Capitol

In the United States, tens of thousands of people descended on the US capital yesterday in the 37th annual march for life.

Benedict XVI about marriage and biotechnology

The Pope said that marriage manifests itself as a lasting union of love between a man and a woman that always aims at transmitting human life.

A society without children has no future!

A culture without children and without elderly people, is seriously warped and unable to function, said the president of the Italian Episcopal Conference. Cardinal Angelo Bagnasco,

The True Face of in vitro Methods

At first it seems self-contradictory. The same groups that support abortion and the killing of the unborn now talk about mass infertility and the need for the universal introduction of artificial fertilization. Yet there is a blood-chilling consistency in this. We have here the next stage of the war on life, this time under the false slogan of “curing infertility.”

Mixed ruling on Irish abortion laws by European Court of Human Rights

The court ruled that Ireland did not enforce its own laws, which allow for abortion in cases where the life of the mother is at stake.


Martin Luther King's Dream Today - Thoughts by his Niece


“The message I share comes from my heart, from love of life and family, and from an inherited sense of duty to defend the most vulnerable in society.

Europe would no longer be Europe without marriage

“Europe would no longer be Europe” if the basic cell of the marriage “disappears or is transformed”, said Pope Benedict Thursday in his message to the new Hungarian ambassador to the Holy See, Mr. Gábor Győriványi.

Pope sounds alarm on need to help new families

Last Friday morning in the Vatican, Pope Benedict received Gianni Alemanno, mayor of the City of Rome and other regional authorities, calling on legislators to help young people start new families.


Mother of twelve jailed in Germany for refusing to enroll children in sex ed classes

A mother of twelve has been sentenced to 43 days in jail in the German town of Salzkotten for refusing to enroll her children in the sex education program in a local elementary school, according to two German Catholic news sites, and

Family, Mission Impossible?

Family, Mission Impossible? What do families really need in today’s society? What is the biggest challenge that family life is facing? How can we integrate faith and day-to-day living? These are just some of the questions that 41 religious sisters from all five continents are hoping to find answers to over the next three weeks in their General Chapter here in Rome. They are the Congregation of the Sisters of the Holy Family of Nazareth and their mission is family.

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