Martyrdom in XXI century

Christians are witnesses of the Truth about Living God. Today more than ever they are persecuted for their faith throughout the World...

Raport on the religious freedom

Religious persecution or oppression is on the increase across the world and the majority of the victims are Christians. This is one of the main findings of the 2010 Report on Religious Freedom in the World compiled by the international catholic charity, Aid to the Church in Need.


Exaltation of the Holy Cross


Speaking of the Glory of the Cross, Pope Benedict said that the wood of the Cross became the vehicle for our redemption, just as the tree from which it was fashioned had occasioned the fall of our first parents. The Cross, then, is something far greater and more mysterious than it at first appears. It is indeed an instrument of torture, suffering and defeat, but at the same time it expresses the complete transformation, the definitive reversal of these evils: that is what makes it the most eloquent symbol of hope that the world has ever seen.

Christians of the Middle East - their problems, reality and mission


How does the Pope see the Synod, the problems of the region and its churches? Here are some notes: the apostolic tradition of the Eastern Churches, their diversity and unity with the pope. The suggestion for the Orthodox, the importance of the mission and proclamation of Christ the Saviour, even for Muslims. The emphasis on "the land" of Israelis, Palestinians, Muslims and Christian witness of a "land" which is not of this world.


The Egyptian Christianity could be traced up to Saint Marc who evangelized Alexandria and founded there the first Christian Academy. Today Egypt is an Islamic Republic, where a dozen of milions of Coptic Christians experience increacing persecutions. 


The very first military action of newly formed Iraqi state in 1933 was the massacre of thousands of Assyrian Christians. No wonder that in present times of unrest, the Christians suffer most.


Turkey is placed in the territory of the oldest Christian civilizations. The Apostle Paul himself was born in Tarsus which is under Turkish control now. No longer exist such great Christian centers like Byzantium (Constantinople), Smyrna (Izmir now), Edessa and others. And the tiny rest of the old Christian community in this country is under increasing pressure to perish.

More Violence in Southern Sudan


Southern Sudan says another bout of violence during this week's independence referendum has killed 10 people.

Polish Priest Working in Tunisia Murdered


Father Marek Rybinski, a young Polish missionary working in Manouba, was found dead early this morning, apparently the victim of a murder.

Shahbaz Bhatti, the Pakistani minister who defended Asia Bibi, is assasinated



The attack took place this morning in Islamabad. An armed commando gunned down the Catholic minister in his car. Rushed to hospital he did not survive his wounds. Murder claimed by Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan.


Pakistani Governor assassinated for opposition to blasphemy law


“The assassination of the Governor of Punjab is going to make it virtually impossible for anyone to speak out against the blasphemy law”, says Archbishop Lawrence J. Saldanha of Lahore.

Somalia: a country with no State, no rights, a disappearing Church


Slowly but steadily, over the past 21 years, the Catholic Church has been disappearing in Somalia, at least in its structures: all Churches and Church buildings have been destroyed. Only about 100 Somali Catholics remain in the country, and they are dispersed and prohibited from gathering together.

Pakistan: bishop calls for release of detained missionary


In Pakistan, Bishop Andrew Francis of Multan, has appealed to authorities over the arrest of a missionary priest on charges of not having a valid residence permit.

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